Thursday, Sept 4: Carlos Lousto, University of Utah
Understanding initial data for black hole collisions.

Monday, Sept 8: Hans-Peter Nollert, Universitat Tuebingen
How arbitrary are excitations of quasinormal modes?

Thursday, Sept 11: Chris Beetle, Penn State
Midi-superspace quantization of gravity with toroidal isometry.

Monday, Sept 15: Jorge Pullin, Penn State
The constraint algebra in spin network quantum gravity.

Thursday, Sept 18: Bruce Allen, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
The 40-meter prototype and the GRASP data-analysis package.

Monday, Sept 22: Shyamoli Chaudhuri, PSU
An introduction to D-branes and string duality

Thursday, Sept 25: Ted Jacobson, University of Maryland
Semiclassical decay of near-extremal black holes

Monday, Sept 29: Kirill Krasnov, Penn State
Quantum Geometry and Black Holes

Thursday, October 2: Johannes Ruoff, Universitat Tuebingen & PSU Astro
Oscillations of neutron stars (POSTPONED

Monday, October 6:

Thursday, October 9: Johannes Ruoff, Universitat Tuebingen & PSU Astro
Oscillations of neutron stars

Monday, October 13:Anthony Rizzi, Princeton University
The first satisfactory definition of angular momentum in general relativity

Thursday, October 16:

Monday, October 20: Neil Cornish, Cambridge
Chaos in general relativity

Tuesday, October 21: Amihay Hanany, IAS Princeton, Joint EPF/CGPG talk
Supersymmetric brane dynamics

Thursday, October 23: Karen Camarda, PSU,
Three dimensional numerical simulations of distorted black holes

Monday, October 27: Special Departamental Colloquium: Sam Finn, Northwestern
Cosmology by the Numbers

Thursday, October 30: Othmar Brodbeck, Zurich and PSU,
Rotating solitons and non-rotating non-static black holes

Monday, November 3: David Adams, School of Math, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Discretisation Techniques for Antisymmetric Tensor Field Theories

Thursday, November 6: Lee Smolin,
Membranes and String Theory

Monday, November 10: Octavio Obregon, University of Guanajuato, Mexico

Thursday, November 13: Saurya Das, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India
The Effective String Description of Hawking Radiation

Monday, November 17: Rodolfo Gambini, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay

Thursday, November 20: John Whelan, University of Utah
Skeletonizations of phase-space paths

Monday, November 24: Lionel Mason, University of Oxford
On The Rarita-Schwinger and the Einstein Equations

Thursday, November 27: HOLIDAY

Monday, December 1: Finn Larsen, U Penn
Black hole horizons and the thermodynamics of strings

Thursday, December 4: Marco Zagermann, PSU
Metric versus Ashtekar variables in the two Killing vector reduction

Monday, December 8:

Thursday, December 10: Laurent Freidel, PSU & Lyon