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IGC Colloquium Speakers

Spring 2017

February 2017
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, February 20
Monday, February 27
March 2017
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, March 6 Spring Break
Monday, March 13
Monday, March 20 David Thompson
Multiwavelength/Multimessenger Studies with the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
Monday, March 27 Dong Lai
Cornell University
April 2017
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, April 3
Monday, April 10
Monday, April 17
Monday, April 24
May 2017
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, May 1
Monday, May 8

FALL 2016

December 2016
Date Speaker Topic
Thursday, December 1 - Saturday, December 3 PSU Physics at the Extreme Workshop
December 5 Ravi Sheth
University of Pennsylvania
Unbiased Constraints from Biased Tracers

Spring 2016 - No Colloquiums Scheduled

Fall 2015 - No Colloquiums Scheduled

Spring 2015 - No Colloquiums Scheduled

Fall 2014 - No Colloquiums Scheduled

Spring 2014

February 2014
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, February 3 Jim Hartle
The Quantum State of the Universe
April 2014
Date Speaker Topic
Monday, April 21 Bhuvnesh Jain
University of Pennsylvania
Beyond the Standard Model of Cosmology
Monday, April 28 Julian Krolik
Johns Hopkins University
The Bardeen-Petterson Effect in MHD or How Twisted Disks Straighten Out

Fall 2013 - No Colloquiums Scheduled

Spring 2013

January 2012
Date Speaker Topic
January 14 Miguel Mostafa
Colorado State
High Energy Particle Astrophysics
January 21 Martin Luther King Day
January 28 Rachel Rosen
Columbia University
Recent Developments in Massive Gravity - Part II
February 2013
Date Speaker Topic
February 4 Ching-Wa Yip
Johns Hopkins University
Toward 3D Spectrum of Galaxies
February 11 Chad Hanna
Perimeter Institute
Thunder and Lightning: Connecting the Gravitational-Wave and Electromagnetic Skies
February 18 Justin Khoury
University of Pennsylvania
Symmetries of the Very Early Universe
February 25 John Joseph Carrasco
Stanford University
March 2013
Date Speaker Topic
March 4-8 Spring Break
March 11 Mike Eracleous
Penn State
Cataclysmic Variability in Galactic Nuclei: Tidal Disruptions of Stars and Supermassive Black Hole Mergers
March 25 Fiona Harrison
Unveiling the High Energy X-ray Sky withe the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array
April 2013
Date Speaker Topic
April 15 Ralph Engel
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Highest Energy Cosmic Rays - First Answers and New Puzzles
April 22 Charles Lawrence
Jet Propulsion Lab
The Universe According to Planck, Part I

Fall 2012

September 2012
Date Speaker Topic
September 3 Labor Day Holiday
September 17 Paul Sommers
Penn State
Ultra-High Energy (UHE) Cosmic Rays: Transmogrification of Mysteries
October 2012
Date Speaker Topic
October 8 Priya Natarajan
Yale University
The First Black Holes in the Universe
October 22 John Friedman
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Instabilities of Relativistic Stars
November 2012
Date Speaker Topic
November 5 Luis Lehner
Perimeter Institute
Loud and Bright: Electromagnetic Counterparts to Strong Gravitational Wave Events
November 19 Thanksgiving Break
November 26 Yuxi Zheng
Penn State
Variational Wave Equations
December 2012
Date Speaker Topic
December 10 Victor Galitski
University of Maryland
Physics Department Colloquium

Spring 2012

January 2012
Date Speaker Topic
January 16 Martin Luther King Day
January 23 Yuexing Li, Penn State Galaxies and Quasars at the Cosmic Dawn
February 2012
Date Speaker Topic
February 6 Ian Shipsey
Purdue University
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
February 27 Shirley Ho
Carnegie Mellon University
Calculating What's in the Universe from the Biggest Color Map
March 2012
Date Speaker Topic
March 5-9 Spring Break
March 19 Dietrich Muller
University of Chicago
The Enigma of Cosmic Rays: Clues from Measurements of Their Composition
April 2012
Date Speaker Topic
April 16 Jordi Miralda
Universitat de Barcelona
Large-Scale Structure with the Lyman-Alpha Forest from BOSS
April 30 Anna Stasto
Penn State
LHC Today and Tomorrow: Overview of Selected Results and Prospects for the Future

Fall 2011

August 2011
Date Speaker Topic
August 29 Peter Mészáros
Penn State
GRBs and the Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray and Neutrino Connection
September 2011
Date Speaker Topic
September 19 Niel Brandt, Penn State Active Galaxies Over Cosmic Time: The Demography of Physics and Ecology of Growing Supermassive Black Holes as Revealed by X-ray Surveys
October 2011
Date Speaker Topic
October 10 Sarah Shandera
Penn State
Update on Inflation in Theory Space (And How or If It Might Also Be Confirmed to Live in Real Space)
October 24 Jason Rhodes, JPL WFIRST and Euclid

Spring 2011

January 2011
Date Speaker Topic
January 31 Sam Finn, Penn State Gravitational Wave Astronomy
February 2011
Date Speaker Topic
February 14 Sarah Shandera,
Perimeter Institute
Galaxies, Clusters and the Fundamental Physics of Inflation
March 2011
Date Speaker Topic
March 7 Spring Break
March 14 Alexander Vikman, CERN Scalar Fields, Cosmology and Hydrodynamics
April 2011
Date Speaker Topic
April 4 David Burrows, Penn State JANUS: Probing the High-Z Universe from Central PA
May 2011
Date Speaker Topic
May 9 Adam Burrows, Princeton Dimension as a Key to the Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions

Fall 2010

September 2010
Date Speaker Topic
September 6 Labor Day
October 2010
Date Speaker Topic
October 18 Emily Grosholz, Penn State The Representation of Time by Galileo and Newton
October 25 Alessandra Corsi, Caltech LIGO and the Multi-Messenger Exploration of the Transient Sky
November 2010
Date Speaker Topic
December 2010
Date Speaker Topic
December 6 Scott Dodelson, Fermilab The Dark Sector vs. Modified Gravity

Spring 2010

January 2010
Date Speaker Topic
January 11 Janna Levin, Columbia University A Periodic Table for Black Hole Orbits
February 2010
Date Speaker Topic
February 15 Bruce McWilliams, SuVolta, Inc. (POSTPONED) TBA
March 2010
Date Speaker Topic
March 1 Adam Burrowes,
Princeton University (POSTPONED)
March 8 Spring Break
March 15 Ty DeYoung, Penn State Extending IceCube with Deep Core
April 2010
Date Speaker Topic
April 5 Barnaby Marsh, Templeton Foundation (POSTPONED)
April 26 Stefan Funk, Stanford/SLAC Gamma-Ray Observations of Cosmic Accelerators

Fall 2009 - No Colloquiums Scheduled

Spring 2009

January 2009
Date Speaker Topic
January 26 Badri Krishnan, AEI Listening to Black Hole Collisions
February 2009
Date Speaker Topic
February 16 Mark Strikman, Penn State TBA
March 2009
Date Speaker Topic
March 9 Spring Break
April 2009
Date Speaker Topic
May 2009
Date Speaker Topic
May 4 Vijay Balasubramanian,
University of Pennsylvania
Black Holes as Effective Geometries

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